Thursday, March 08, 2007

Woman's Day

To every career woman every where
To w.writers
To w.poets
To w.journalists every where
To Tiggy
To Sakina ,Khadija, Tahani.
To my fellow female writers in IWP- Iowa University (International writing program 2005) & To all Dear female staff out there .
To Sandra Maclaughlin-Iowa
To Mouna ouafik
To Katerina ante portas via Dimitris Stefosis at SocioThoughts
Happy Woman's Day

Laila Neihoum - Libya

Tiggy sent this poem to me, which I liked to the most. The most is Tiggy in her best.

I emerge
A white lie
A stained butterfly
Seeking only paper flowers,
Nectars awry.
Then my wings
Edges smoking
Tell me you’re close by.
Lodged as you are
Between the ribs,
Under the sigh
I beg:
Don’t make me flutter
I ask :
Don’t move please,
I .. still .. live.

Flight 426 Rome Paris
Tiggy Ibrahim