Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lost songs found

Lost songs found

Off-shore love
paid vehemently
upon isles splurgy shores
with shells
with sea bird dives
with supplicated debris

Off-shore courting
fatigued love songs
shattered melodies
wind driven
across Pathos Agoura
some dangling
from selphium
crowned Grecian columns
others trapped in skewed
ancient "Awshaz"
moaning saint Marcus safety
before "karssa" fire
before ever.

Off-shore loaming grand wave
galloping chaos
flattening eyes panoramic fear.

Off-shore stillness
vacuuming last chance
justification .

Laila A. Neihoum

1- old caves in The Green Mountain – in the northern east Libyan coast where Saint Marcus a long time age had hide there .
2- Karssa is a small mountainous village in the green mountain surrounded with woods where a big fire changed the place's scenery