Sunday, April 03, 2011

انتم املنا وغدنا المشرق

ليبيا واحدة متحدة موحدة لا تتجزأ ولن تتجزأ ولن تُجزأ بأذن واحد أحد

حق الصورة محفوظ للمنارة للاعلام الرئيسية

لله دركم يا شباب مصراتة

ان مايقوم به اهلنا في مصراتة قمة في الشجاعة وتحمل يفوق الوصف
حفظهم الله

تابعوا الفيديو الى نهايته لتروا كم يجازفون تحت القصف

This was posted with translation  in  Libya17feb site, A good job they are doing there in translating videos and news, many thanks to them.
Credit for this post is theirs.

"Misratah residents save driver after Gaddafi tanks shell his car



There is no god except God, There is no god except God

Cameraman: Slide slowly on the ground, slide slowly on the ground…no no he’s hidden, slide slowly over here. Hey! Hey! Hyundai owner! Hyundai owner! pssst! Come out, come out here, slide over a bit so we can pull you. Hyundai owner! psst! Listen! Hyundai owner! Over here over here! Over here Meelad! Crawl on the ground, crawl, crawl and come over here quickly. Crawl and come over here quickly Meelad! Yes yes come over quickly, I am [name unclear]. Crawl behind the Nubria (Daewoo car), crawl behind the Nubira slowly. Don’t move the door, don’t move the door! Slowly, crawl slowly, we’ll throw a rope over to you when you’re next to the Nubira but move away from the Hyundai. Keep low, crawl closer. Move away from the fire, roll roll roll! Move your head away from the flames.

God is greater! God is greater! "