Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Singing tiger the Scorpio

You're like a dancing heron
a singing tiger
a snake spelling out words
by assuming different
letter-shaped poses.
You're a crazy-mirrored funhouse
full of tool-using ravens.
You're a convention of laughing hyenas
partying at a watering hole
on the other side of the tracks
from paradise.
In short,
you're as impossible to predict
as a drunk hummingbird,
as dangerously smart
as a shape-shifting fox from Japanese mythology.

*Rob Brezsny
City Pages Magazine
Rob is my favorite horoscope teller ever for I belive he is a poet of a kind , that is why I put here one of his readings , for he always astonishes me by his choice of words , Rob is my best poet , otherwise who would say something like this in his Free Will Astrology :
It'll be fine to eat ice cream with a fork this week.
It'll be kind of cool to enter through exits, too,
and you may generate good luck if you smash a mirror with a hammer
or talk about subjects you're normally too superstitious to broach.
You should also consider fixing things before they're broken,
and listen ravenously to what's not being said.
But please avoid trying to drink coffee with a sieve,
Scorpio. Refrain from saying what you don't mean.
And don't you dare try to fall up.
Then in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I found the coming info about him which adds to my point of view.

"Rob Brezsny is an American astrologer, writer, and musician. Currently his weekly horoscope column Free Will Astrology, published for more than 25 years, runs in 120 periodicals.
Brezsny has been one of the most influential astrology writers in some generations. His horoscopes broke the mold on the dry predictions of most writers, bringing a literate quality to the work, engaging readers in narrative, and taking a more creative approach to astrology writing than nearly anyone before him. He is the first well-known horoscope writer to enter the column in the first person, giving personal impressions of both astrology and life, telling stories and quoting many other writers. He encourages reader participation and has fierce loyalty of both his readers and the editors who publish him. This combination of factors -- in addition to offering many surprisingly accurate, astute forecasts -- has made him an enduring institution among horoscope writers.
Many have attempted to imitate him, but it rarely comes off.
He reveals nothing about his astrological chart except that he was born under the sign Cancer."

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