Monday, October 08, 2007

Poet's Style

Poet's style

Crunching candies
as if attacking life deliciously
the poet who shoves obstacles
wagging her tongue
at the face of days to come
thinking as she walks
in front of Prairie Lights
that she loves him everyday
twice Friday
imagining darkest darkness
or whitest light
or something she has no name for
editing the chaos
into novels that start as a poem,
or a song of existence
a Do , Re, Mi, Fa , soul haunted with visions:
a field of wheat
should not be filled with crows
things need mending:
A man of ego should not be hanged
If she - she mused - gains
the art of flash back
to approach the point of pointless experiment
a post-modernist dream
not going there not coming here.

Laila Neihoum
Benghazi-Libya 2007

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