Monday, June 09, 2008

June - Scorpio Pride Month

Rob Brezsny Is my best Astrology columnist- Free Will Astrology -you can find him at:

Lately he asked us - all scorpios tribe - a favor. Here are the details, meanwhile for my part I do agree to proclaim June to be Scorpio Pride Month

Art By China Alicia Rivera

(Please join me in a boycott of horoscope columns and astrology books that insinuate all Scorpios are cruel, perverted, power-mad jealousy freaks. Let's refuse to read those propagandists until they cease and desist from brainwashing the masses into directing bigotry toward your tribe. It's true that there are some less-evolved Scorpios who speed up their cars to run over small animals and treat romance as a game in which there can be only one winner. But do we demonize all scientists simply because a few mad physicists created weapons of mass destruction? Of course not. I hereby proclaim June to be Scorpio Pride Month – a time to celebrate your winning qualities, especially your unparalleled skill at helping to activate the dormant potentials of people you care about. Promise me you'll do that even more intensely than usual.)

So, Tiggy, Amal.B, Boshra, Narjis, Qais, Afaf and all my deadly scorpios friends I want to know your opinion!
Most important In June is that , Yesterday June 8 was Usama's Birthday!
Happy Birday & Happy years to come.

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