Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Libyan & American Pumpkins - An outside inside sense of home

photo : Laila Neihoum

This post is for Khadija Teri who is turning Tripoli upside down to find an orange on the outside pumpkin while I am turning Lafayette upside down looking for an orange on the inside pumpkin for cocous.
I found of course one that seemed as our Libyan bekioa - as in Benghazi and gar3a- as in Tripoli which lacked that taste of ours back home, my God! It was the most pale ever!

Nevertheless I have to enjoy new tasteless tastes ...sigh...
A new place needs courage.

But I love the way the people here preparing for the Halloween.

phot:laila neihoum
Boo is everywhere, ghosts lurking on our neighbours windows, webs on the trees, scary faces and glowing eyes among the hedges of Las Trampas Creek that runs under my patio.

I was scared to death of the heater closet, thought that I should not dare open it remembering the blue beard pirate and his wives.

So my camera is the happiest with this carnival of colors, and well ,I am coming to be used to it all here.

photo: Laila Neihoum

Look at this cute little boy at the farmer's market: San Louis Obispo last weekend trying in vain to move the size wise orange on the outside pumpkin!

photo : laila neihoum


Dear Khadija Teri

Happy Halloween

I walked this halloween night in the neighbourhood

enjoying its sounds and sights of horror.

I took some pics for you and your kids.

Laila Neihoum


Anglo-Libyan said...

nice pictures, the size of some of these pumpkins!!

here in the UK there was a news report yesterday about how the crop of pumpkins more or less rotted or didnt grow large enough because of the non stop rain this summer.
looks like people here will have to spend a lot of money if they want one for Halloween :o)

naohama said...

Sorry for them!
Here it is infinity fields of pumpkins everywhere!

khadijateri said...

Thank you dear!