Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama won

"No republican has ever won the presidency since 1964 without winning Ohio, and now Ohio went to the democrates in this historical election. All indication says that Obama will win" Says UB who 4 hours ago voted for Obama here in Lafatette. I went with him and waited as he wrote his choice and voted yes for proposition 8 & 7 too.
He came back with a sticker for a cup of coffee in Starbucks a bonous from the election board!!
We even had a parking ticket, for in a hurry to vote for Obama, UB forgot to put money in the parking post!!

A starbucks, a parking ticket and a holographic appearance in the night of 2008 election.

It is now MCCAIN 135

says CNN HD which we choose to follow its coverage of the event.

Just now Cnn is projecting that Barack Obama elected the first African American president of United States.

Wallahi this a great historical moment, Unbelievable!

This is all what is victory about
The face of America is changing
Words , words where are you?

Laila Neihoum

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