Sunday, May 20, 2007

A poem 4 them

To Moh in his Birthday & Tiggy who celebrated with him.

Bahia honeymooners

She is in Bahia, he is too
daughter of Sun, son of Moon
my dear honeymooners
strolling the ex-since days - virgin
Cajaoro white astonishing beach
shells in abundance scurrying about,
adorning their love story,
a mosaic calligraphic declaration.
The ukulele strings uttering
their gathering high emotions
Bahia drums echoing ecstatically
enough to blow out the candles
to set fire in ready veins.
She is posing as Marlin Monroe
Her hands "Arco Iris"
in the truest oceanic wave,
reflecting the sky azure,
aquamarine and turquoise,
mixed shades of their eyes' light
captured artistically with his camera.

laila Neihoum

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